Mixing can be a very tricky art indeed, sometimes a mix will sound great on studio monitors, but when you get it in your car or listen on your earbuds it's a whole different sound. All of the best software and hardware in the world won't help you succeed unless what you are hearing while you are mixing is "accurate". The key to getting the mix "right" is to have a combination of a great listening room painstakingly designed and treated for mixing along with multiple speakers, from large 3 way studio monitors all the way down to boom boxes and earbuds. Analog toys, like hardware compressors and vintage tape delays can really add character to a mix when needed. If you combine all of this with the best software available and experienced ears a fantastic result can be achieved.. Click on the link below to upload your tracks. Please export separate tracks from your project and send audio files only - with no processing/effects. (Creating a Zip file of the tracks can help prevent errors with the transfer) Include the name of the song in each audio file if you are not sending a Zip file. Please send a rough mix of each song.